Handmade and unique hobbyhorse from Finland?

An artist behind these hobbyhorses is Nea, 26-years old landscape architect and handcraft hobbyist. I have made hobbyhorses since 2007 and sold hundreds of them. These hobbyhorses are high quality and fully handmade. They are made for collectibles, riding, caring, and to be piece of art. Unfortunately, these have not been made as toys for children. Here are the instructions of the proper use of hobbyhorses made by me.

Ordering is the way to get the hobbyhorse, which is just like you want it to be! The main idea is, that you design your own horse, or you can also wish imitation of some real horse.  Photos and drawings are the best way to tell what you want, and I will be happy to help you to design your horse! All the horses I make are unique, and that’s why I don’t make copies of already existing hobby horses.

The horses are about A3-paper size, ponies are a bit smaller than horses. The horses are sent luxuriously wrapped in silk paper. There is an NFC-chip on the horse’s neck, which means that moving the phone next to the chip opens the horse’s own website. Orderer can fill the horse’s information on the page. More about NFC-chips here:


I have price classes for horses with different features which can be found down below. Those prices includes filling, ordering a stick to a horse costs 5€. Shipping in the Europe costs 30€. It’s also possible to order tacks for the commission.

Behind links below are selection of my fabrics, yarns and tacks. Also prices for tacks.

Price class 1: 270€ + shipping. This price class includes simple one colored horse with simple marking and also one special feature – inlaid marking (goes over the seam, needs to inlay), wide shading (dappled horse, flea-bitten, spotted) or hogged mane. Shadings around the muzzle, eyes and forehead includes to the price. Also blue eyes are possible to made.

Price class 2: 290€ + shipping. This price class includes two special features – inlaid marking (goes over the seam, needs to inlay), wide shading (dappled horse, flea-bitten, spotted or hogged mane. Alternatively very simple pinto. Also shadings, when horse need to dye almost completely (right picture), plenty of sewed dots (left picture), complex inlaid marking goes to this price class. 

Price class 3: 320€ + shipping. Highest price class is especially for pinto horses. In this price class all features are included.


-The orderer must have parents’ permission if she/he is underage. Also please ask help for ordering from your parents. I rather speak with adults if you are very young or writing english is difficult to you.

-The order is binding agreement, so it can’t be changed or cancelled. Be sure about your order, because changes are undesirable.

-I don’t make copies of already existing hobbyhorses.

-When the horse is ready, it must be paid within a week to my bank account or in Pay Pal.


I only accept orders through the general enrolments, which I have around four times in the year. The next enrolment day is May 11th 2024, so please don’t sent the form before that day. I usually take 2-4 commissions to queue.

I answer to every enrolment, so that doesn’t mean automatically that you got the place. Usually there is more applicants than places in queue, so I choose or raffle few orders from enrolments to the queue. I will inform on my websites and instagram when I have sent the email for those, who got the place. That email will be sent the day after enrolment day. I usually make horses ready within two months. Please write in the form if the horse must be ready for some specific day (for example birthday). Otherwise I will give the estimated production time.

The form for ordering can be found below. 

The ordering form

Orderers name and address for shipping:
Picture of the horse (if you have):
Features (horse’s color, mane’s color and length, markings…):
Other wishes (stick to a horse?):
Other information: (How many times have you tried to order the horse from me? Specific day when the horse needs to be ready? Do you have a hobby horse instagram?)

Questions and orders: