It’s possible to order tacks for your commission horse. Prices you see here are starting prices. 


Prices of the tacks depends on quantity of buckles, decoration and details. These prices are starting prices, so the more you want details to tacks, the more they cost. Cheapest bridles includes buckle on throatlatch and on nosebands and a simple decoration on browband. If you want more buckles (to reins and cheek pieces), special bits, paddings, quiltings or other decorations tell me about that! I will tell the final price for tacks you want.

Nosebandless bridle – starting from 15€
English or hannoverian bridle – starting from 20€
Mexican bridle – starting from 25€
Hackamore bridle –  starting from 25€
Double bridle – starting from 35€
Endurance riding bridle – starting from 40€
Micklem bridle – starting from 40€
Rhinestone browband – starting from +10€
Special bits – starting from +5€

Just ask if you have some other idea for bridles!


Halters price includes all the metal parts you see in the pictures. Halters can be made from nylon, leather and fleece. Price is a bit higher, if you want lot of details to them.

Halter – starting from 20€
Show halter – starting from 10€
Lead rope – starting from 5€

Martingale, breast collar and other tacks

There is so many kind of martingales, so please tell me which is the one you like. The one on first picture is the basic one I make, other versions costs a bit more.

Breast collar – starting from 10€
Martingale – starting from 20€


Fake leather – Black, white and dark brown
Real leather – Different shades of brown to bridles, also other colors to halters.
Nylon – black, white, yellow, red, pink, violet
Plastic rhinestones – clear, pearl, champagne, red, turquoise, violet, light green, dark blue, pink
Rhinestone chain – clear, black, dark blue, light blue, turquoise, light green, red, pink, light pink, yellow, champagne
Ribbon – lot of colors and styles!
Plastic for rubber bit guard– black, white, violet, blue, green, red, pink, orange, yellow
Fleece – lot of colors
Teddy – white and natural white
Also lot of metal parts, reflective ribbon… just ask if you have some idea in your mind!